The Racer’s 6th Sense – Why We Test and How We Gather Data

When it comes to testing and tuning the vehicle dynamics of FSAE cars, teams can often be caught up in a guessing game. Variables like camber and toe all affect how much we grip we can get out of our tires and ultimately how much performance we can squeeze out of our cars.

Fortunately, due […]

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A Current Affair: EMRAX 228 Dynamometer Testing

In late March, our electric powertrain section had its first opportunity to run the EMRAX 228 motor on Monash University’s 220Nm Eddy Current Dynamometer using mains power. This gave us a chance to familiarise ourselves with the running of the motor before full power performance testing in the coming weeks using the electric car’s […]

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Design Period: Where it all starts

Throughout the university holiday period, Monash Motorsport has been hard at work with the design and timelining of two brand new car concepts for the 2017 Australasian competition this December. Having design period during the holiday months allows the team to focus purely on designing without the stresses of the university semester, while also […]

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Exploring the Unknown: Developing the Electric Drivetrain package

Throughout 2016, Monash Motorsport’s electric drivetrain team has been carefully choosing the perfect combination of powertrain components to maximise the potential of our very first electric car.

Finally, in the first week of October, we successfully spun our Emrax 228, permanent magnet motor for the very first time. This was welcome confirmation that our hard […]

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