First Glimpse: Design Launch Night

The team had just finished up with exams, and were back into the workshop to hit manufacturing period. After all, we had two cars to build, with a driving date set for the end of the holidays it was all hands on deck.

On top of this, design launch night was also upon us. For […]

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F-SAE Australasia 2016 Competition

After several busy weeks following the end of Semester Two and plenty of anticipation by veteran and junior Monash Motorsport team members alike, Formula SAE-A 2016 was finally upon us! To meet our rigorous testing schedule of 300km over two weeks, the team had been split into a daytime ‘testing’ crew, and an overnight […]

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A Visit from F1 Aerodynamicist: Willem Toet

Even during the hustle of the final stages of preparation for the 2016 Formula SAE Australasia competition, there was one event the members of Monash Motorsport could not miss. On the 5th of December, the legendary  Australian F1 Aerodynamicist Willem Toet gave a guest lecture at Monash University about his experiences in the motorsport […]

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Engineering Leadership Dinner

A few members of the Monash Motorsport team were fortunate enough to be invited to attend Monash University Faculty of Engineering’s annual Engineering Leadership Program dinner last November, honouring the graduation of more than 40 students from the prestigious program.

The three-year program is open to all students enrolled in an engineering degree at Monash […]

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Annual Monash Motorsport Launch Night

It was a beautiful Spring afternoon, as all members of the Monash Motorsport team worked to prepare for the night ahead, our annual Launch Night. The team was bustling to put everything together, perfecting the last touches on M16 and making sure the much anticipated event was going to run smoothly. It came as […]

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Europe Campaign 2016 Summary

In late June of 2016, the senior team of Monash Motorsport packed their bags and took off for Europe, in our most ambitious international campaign yet.

With two months, 5 countries and 3 international competitions on the horizon, the team was feeling fresh and excited upon arrival in Stuttgart, which would be our home base […]

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ZF Site Tour

As part of our ongoing relationship with ZF, Monash Motorsport was lucky enough to be invited for a tour of the ZF Factory in Schweinfurt, Germany. This was an amazing opportunity for the 13 excited team members who were able to attend. On the day we were greeted with a presentation on the history […]

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Turner Foundation Showroom Tour

On April 22, Monash Motorsport had the privilege of attending a private tour of one of the showrooms owned by the Turner Foundation. The Turner Foundation is an organisation that was established to preserve some of the earliest advancements of mechanical engineering focusing on vintage, veteran and historic motor vehicles. Whilst the foundation withholds […]

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SummerFest at Monash 2016

Following on from an extremely successful WinterFest in 2015, Monash University welcomed the new academic year by holding a week-long event celebrating all things Summer. The festival showcased a range of sports, food and visual and performing arts across the Clayton and Caulfield campuses.

The team were extremely excited and honoured to be involved in […]

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MMS at the Australian F1 Grand Prix

Monash Motorsport were fortunate enough to be on display at the F1 Australian Grand Prix this year, representing the innovation and talent of the next generation of engineering and motorsport in Australia alongside a number of other FSAE teams.

Over the course of the week, we had the opportunity to show off our championship […]

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