Autonomous Systems: Actuation

Our Driverless Vehicle, M19-D, needs a way of reacting to the requests sent by the motion control algorithm. Without a driver in the car, we rely on an electric motor to control the steering system, as well as a pneumatically powered linear actuator for the brakes.

M19-D’s steering system is controlled by a servo motor […]

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Autonomous Systems: Motion Control

Once we have decided on a path to follow, we need to determine how to control our car’s acceleration and steering to navigate the desired path. To do this, we use model predictive control (MPC).

MPC works by solving for a sequence of controls over a period of time into the future called the ‘prediction […]

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Autonomous Systems: Path Planning

Our autonomous path planning subsystem determines how to navigate through a track. This can be broken down into two subproblems: how to navigate through an unknown track, and how to navigate a known track as fast as possible.

When navigating through an unknown track, we receive information about where cones are located, and our task […]

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Autonomous Systems: Perception

For M19-D to be fully autonomous, it needs to be able to perceive the world, much like how we do with our own eyes. The modes that our Driverless car uses to sense the world is in the form of visible light (cameras), infrared light (LiDAR) and radio waves (GPS). MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensors […]

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Autonomous Systems: Computing

One of the pillars of the autonomous system is the computing platform. This essential component provides the other subsystems with the required amount of processing power to perform their various functions. This component needs to be small, robust, and consume as little power as possible to prevent any avoidable negative impact on the performance […]

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Autonomous Systems: Simulation

Monash Motorsport’s Autonomous System (AS) Simulation subsection is an integral part of testing our driverless car, M19-D, even when it’s not at the track. Their goal is to construct a simulator that can represent three main aspects of real world racing: the environment, the vehicle dynamics and the perception sensors. The simulator is constructed […]

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Europe Summary 2018


Following a successful 2017 Formula Student Australasia competition, Monash Motorsport embarked on what has been our most ambitious Europe campaign to date. During our two month stay, we competed with both our combustion and first year electric car in the Formula Student UK, Austria and Germany competitions. We set out not only to improve […]

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The Drive for Improvement

Within the Formula Student competition, there are four dynamic events – acceleration, autocross, skidpad and endurance which are worth a massive 675 points in total. In the case of our team, competing with two cars means we have to train a total of 10 drivers.

While having a reliable and high performing car is […]

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Image Processing with the Jetson TX2s

While there are many factors which contribute to the success of an autonomous machine, they can be broadly separated into four areas: perception, mapping, path planning and actuation.

A key requirement for our driverless vehicle is a computer capable of providing sufficient processing power to achieve all these functions, whilst keeping energy consumption to a […]

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That’s A Wrap! Packing with Gibson Freight

This July, Monash Motorsport will be taking both of its most current combustion and electric cars to compete in the Formula Student UK, Austria and Germany competitions. The challenge of transporting two cars over 15,000km across the globe may seem steep, but after careful packing techniques and overcoming various challenges, the team is ready […]

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