The Road to Flying: Mould Preparations and Layups

Our Aerodynamics team has been working tirelessly to manufacture one of the most complex Aerodynamics packages that the team has ever designed. Our 2017 Aerodynamics package will feature a four part system, consisting of a front and rear wing, undertray, nose cone and body work. Starting from the raw materials, a great deal of […]

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A Current Affair: EMRAX 228 Dynamometer Testing

In late March, our electric powertrain section had its first opportunity to run the EMRAX 228 motor on Monash University’s 220Nm Eddy Current Dynamometer using mains power. This gave us a chance to familiarise ourselves with the running of the motor before full power performance testing in the coming weeks using the electric car’s […]

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The Powerhouse of M17-C: KTM 690 Duke R

The current 2017-2018 ruleset brought a few big changes to Formula SAE, the most exciting being a significant increase in the maximum allowable engine displacement from 610cc to 710cc. This change has upset the current status quo, and meant that several new engine options are now in play, dramatically expanding the range  that teams […]

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Giving our Engine the Spark of Life

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A Gripping Race: Just a Wishbone Away

Cornering grip, or lateral mu, is the most sensitive parameter of a race car. In fact, it is eight times more sensitive than the next most sensitive parameter. This is why our suspension engineers obsess over maximising it throughout the testing and tuning period of our race cars.

The hunt for grip starts at […]

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2017 Chassis Design and Manufacture

Design of the M17 Electric and Combustion Chassis began before Auscomp 2016. With the team’s new core ethos of ‘one team, two cars’ at the forefront of the design process, it was decided that the steel spaceframe would share a universal design.

Using Siemens NX10,  a parametric CAD model was set up and iteratively […]

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Design Period: Where it all starts

Throughout the university holiday period, Monash Motorsport has been hard at work with the design and timelining of two brand new car concepts for the 2017 Australasian competition this December. Having design period during the holiday months allows the team to focus purely on designing without the stresses of the university semester, while also […]

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F-SAE Australasia 2016 Competition

After several busy weeks following the end of Semester Two and plenty of anticipation by veteran and junior Monash Motorsport team members alike, Formula SAE-A 2016 was finally upon us! To meet our rigorous testing schedule of 300km over two weeks, the team had been split into a daytime ‘testing’ crew, and an overnight […]

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A Visit from F1 Aerodynamicist: Willem Toet

Even during the hustle of the final stages of preparation for the 2016 Formula SAE Australasia competition, there was one event the members of Monash Motorsport could not miss. On the 5th of December, the legendary  Australian F1 Aerodynamicist Willem Toet gave a guest lecture at Monash University about his experiences in the motorsport […]

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Exploring the Unknown: Developing the Electric Drivetrain package

Throughout 2016, Monash Motorsport’s electric drivetrain team has been carefully choosing the perfect combination of powertrain components to maximise the potential of our very first electric car.

Finally, in the first week of October, we successfully spun our Emrax 228, permanent magnet motor for the very first time. This was welcome confirmation that our hard […]

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