This July, Monash Motorsport will be taking both of its most current combustion and electric cars to compete in the Formula Student UK, Austria and Germany competitions. The challenge of transporting two cars over 15,000km across the globe may seem steep, but after careful packing techniques and overcoming various challenges, the team is ready to race in our biggest European campaign yet.

To compete on the world stage, the team underwent an extensive planning and packing process to ensure that everything required to compete would be packed and easily accessible when away from home turf. After finalising shipping dates, prices, dangerous goods transportation and container options with Gibson Freight, it was time to pack away the equipment and cars.

Packing effectively was one of the major challenges faced by the team. We needed to ensure all equipment and parts could be easily found and ready to use when in Europe. Extensive packing lists were organised according to team sections. After all spare parts were manufactured, items were wrapped and placed into numbered boxes which were recorded using multiple interlinked spreadsheets under strict guidelines of how to fill them out. This way our team members can easily locate items by looking them up in the spreadsheet. After communicating frequently with European teams and alumni, we could determine exactly what we needed to pack into the crate for our M17s.

A special thank you to Monash Unmanned Aerial Systems for lending their trailer to help us load up everything to take to the shipping container. Also, thanks to the help of Gibson Freight we’ve sealed almost our entire workshop into a 40ft container that is currently making its journey across the world.


-Hollie Wright (Business)