By supporting the Monash Motorsport team, you are giving students the opportunity to realise their own abilities in a real world competition and are supporting young Australian talent. With your help, Monash Motorsport can further strive to produce thorough innovative design and develop as a team. You would help provide us with the means and resources to become the most respected team in the world. Monash Motorsport would like to thank all of our sponsors and supporters for the dedication and effort that they put into the team, as the team would not exist without such generous support. For that, we are very grateful. We look forward to represent your name to the best of our ability.

Platinum Sponsors

Monash University sponsors facilities, administrative support, general finance and provides access to the Monash Wind Tunnel.

KTM supply us with engines and technical support.

Laser 3D laser cuts much of the precision parts for the Monash racers.

Marand Precision Engineering sponsors CNC machining.

Wago provide us with expertise in electrical connections and electronic components.

Form-a-Sign provide a large range of advertisement services and specialised large-scale CNC routing for our composite moulds

Calm Aluminium supplies the team with the aluminium needed to manufacture many of our components.

PhoenxPLM specialises in PLM and advanced manufacturing technologies, providing us with our primary design software.

Hare & Forbes provides the team with tooling and machinery to supply our workshop.

ABB provides the team with support in the EV charging space, as well as supplementing the team with financial resources.

Monash Motorsport is powered by Podio – group project management software to easily manage teams, projects and much more in one central place. Work the way you want to with the unique ability to create your own apps.