For the past year PhoenxPLM, our Platinum level CAD software sponsor, have lent their support and guidance in the design and development of not only M16, but also the future M17-C and M17-E. Every Monash Motorsport team member is well on their way to mastering CAD with PhoenxPLM’s numerous personalised training programs. We are privileged to have them as such an invaluable resource of CAD knowledge.

PhoenxPLM have generously sponsored our team with the Siemens NX10 CAD package: one of the cornerstones of building two competitive race cars in one year! PhoenxPLM’s latest software offering in CAD, CAM, CAE and PLM has helped the team in streamlining design and manufacturing processes and has brought us closer to the technology used in professional performance engineering today. PhoenxPLM’s efforts to connect team members with industry professionals has also brought greater relevance to our work as a Formula SAE team, making us more excited and motivated than ever!

We greatly appreciate the ongoing support of PhoenxPLM and look forward to another great year together in 2017!


Yow Wai Tham (Electric Drivetrain)