Technical Specifications

Dimensions Front Rear
Overall Length, Width, Height 3220 mm, 1340 mm, 1200 mm
Mass with 68kg driver seated 270 kg 270 kg
Suspension Parameters Front Rear
Suspension Type Double Unequal length A-Arm, push rod, mode separated 'Hydro' suspension, integrated with wing mounting Double Unequal length A-Arm, push rod, mode separated 'Hydro' suspension
Tire Size, Compound and Make 18x7.5-10 R25B Hoosier 18x7.5-10 R25B Hoosier
Wheels (width, construction) 8'' wide, 3 piece carbon wheels, 3'' positive offset 8'' wide, 3 piece carbon wheels, 0'' offset
Center of Gravity Design Height 275 mm
Brake System / Hub & Axle Front Rear
Upright Assembly Printed Titanium Electron Beam Melted (EBM) Ti-6Al-4V, NC machined, bolt on 4130 steel steering clevis, sliding camber adjustment clevis NC machined, 2024-T351 Al, sliding camber adjustment clevis
Seat (materials, padding/damping) Carbon fibre layup off 3 piece male mould, ACL heat insulation mounted on back face
Shift Actuator (type, location) Pneumatic, paddles on steering wheel
Clutch Actuator (type, location) Hydraulic, pneumatic assist, lever located on steering wheel
Instrumentation Dash mounted ADL for testing, 9 LED shift / warning lights
Frame Construction Steel tube spaceframe with bonded composite panels, aluminium rear bulkhead
Material 1020 mild steel, 4130 chrome moly (roll hoops), carbon fibre and nomex honeycomb core panels
Manufacturer / Model 2015 KTM 500EXC
Bore / Stroke / Cylinders / Displacement 95 mm bore /   72 mm stroke /   1 cylinder   / 510 cc
Induction (natural or forced, intercooled) Exhaust driven turbocharger, 60 kPa max boost pressure, - x - x - mm core air-air intercooler
Fuel Type E85
Other significant engine modifications Custom External Mechanical Oil Pump
Differential Type Drexler clutch pack limited slip, 25Nm preload, 30deg ramp angle on power side
Type / Configuration Front-triple element, Rear- four element, undertray
Total Downforce and Drag ( scale using incl. note ) Downforce = 116 kg, Drag = 45 kg  (at 80 kph)
Noteable Features (active, etc) Unsprung mounting front/rear wings
Other Information
Body Work (material, process) Carbon fibre nosecone and bodywork
Optional Information Monoshocks controlling pitch and heave stiffness, 'Hydro' system controls roll and warp stiffness