MMS wins the Siemens 3D Challenge!

Monash Motorsport entered the Siemens 3D Challenge, which was designed to test the innovative skills of engineers with increasingly more widely accessible 3D printing technology. In light of our recent work with CSIRO on titanium additive manufactured parts, we entered our front upright design in the ‘Future of Manufacturing’ category where the design was […]

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Dayco – Power Transmission and Cooling System Components

Dayco Australia have been a major company in the Australian automotive industry for over 30 years, and is a premier brand of automotive power transmission and cooling components. Dayco provide us with vital powertrain parts such as hoses, fuel lines, alternator belts and hose clamps, which we are continually grateful for. Dayco is one […]

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Richard Day helps mentor MMS.

The vision, values and behaviours of a team are what binds a group of individuals together into a cohesive group. They provide motivation, direction and stability to a team to encourage sustained performance.

Richard Day has provided an invaluable service to Monash Motorsport, offering his experience to guide the development of the team’s vision and […]

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Multicoat – Powder Coating & Spray Painting

Multicoat has been a gold sponsor of Monash Motorsport for over two years and has continued to provide us with exceptional services. They have been operating for over 17 years and specialise in high quality and versatile powder coating and spray painting services, catering to the needs of both large and small-scale customers. Multicoat […]

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Traction Control

With the addition of a turbocharger to our single cylinder KTM setup, Monash Motorsport has recently developed a Powertrain package which outputs over 30% more power and over 25% more torque when compared to the naturally aspirated setup. To help our drivers control this around a track, we have recently been testing Traction Control […]

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