Laser 3D – Laser cutting, welding, cutting, folding and prototype generation

Laser 3D has been an invaluable sponsor  of Monash Motorsport since 2007, today the team relies on many of their products and services for manufacturing and as such they are one of our highly valued platinum sponsors.

A national company, Laser 3D has been in Victoria since 1992, catering to both business and private customers […]

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SMC – Pneumatic, Automation and Sheet Metal Solutions

Australia and New Zealand’s SMC Corporation subsidiaries are providers of pneumatic, automation and sheet metal solutions. Through best practice, technical expertise, ethical values and customised applications, they have been able to expand their operations to provide services across all markets, namely; industrial manufacturing, process plant, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, transport and utilities.

SMC’s product range […]

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New Rules Freshen the Air around M15

With the introduction of new rules for 2015, Monash Motorsport’s Aerodynamics section has returned to a ground up design philosophy for this year’s aero package.

The new rules for 2015 have dictated a significant downsize for packaging space of aerodynamic devices. The rear wing is now being restricted to only 1.2m above the ground, fitting within the inside of the rear tires and is only allowed […]

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Calm Aluminium – Aluminium Supplies

Calm Aluminium is a 100% Australian Owned, family business that specialises in the supply of aluminium sheets, rods, plates and custom extrusions on request. They offer a comprehensive range of aluminium alloys from the 1000 to 8000 series and are also able to provide customers with stainless steel, titanium and molybdenum. Moreover, their Quality Management System is […]

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The design process of M15

The  design of M15 started last year with the release of 2015 FSAE rules, which drastically changed the parameters to which we have to design the car.  Some of the biggest changes include: a reduction in aerodynamic packaging space, changes in forced induction (turbo) regulations, and rules governing the design of the primary chassis […]

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