Europe Campaign 2016 Summary

In late June of 2016, the senior team of Monash Motorsport packed their bags and took off for Europe, in our most ambitious international campaign yet.

With two months, 5 countries and 3 international competitions on the horizon, the team was feeling fresh and excited upon arrival in Stuttgart, which would be our home base […]

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Tune to Win: Powertrain Dynamometer

As engineers, validation of our designs is one of the most vital stages of the design process. As with every section on our team, the Powertrain section have dozens of tuneable variables including manifold pressure, intake geometry, engine fuel and ignition parameters and exhaust geometry, all of which can have significant effect of the […]

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ZF Site Tour

As part of our ongoing relationship with ZF, Monash Motorsport was lucky enough to be invited for a tour of the ZF Factory in Schweinfurt, Germany. This was an amazing opportunity for the 13 excited team members who were able to attend. On the day we were greeted with a presentation on the history […]

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Turner Foundation Showroom Tour

On April 22, Monash Motorsport had the privilege of attending a private tour of one of the showrooms owned by the Turner Foundation. The Turner Foundation is an organisation that was established to preserve some of the earliest advancements of mechanical engineering focusing on vintage, veteran and historic motor vehicles. Whilst the foundation withholds […]

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Prime Pak Supplies: Sticking Around

Exhibiting an extensive product range coupled with an uncompromising approach to providing ideal solutions to all our workshop needs, we are proud to announce Monash Motorsport’s new and valuable partnership with Prime Pak Supplies in 2016.

Prime Pak Supplies have been generous in providing Monash Motorsport with various technical essentials which are used regularly […]

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The Machining Experts: Hare & Forbes

While providing Australia with one of the most extensive ranges of workshop machinery and tool accessories, Hare & Forbes Machinery House has been a valuable supporter of Monash Motorsport for a number of years. Hare & Forbes has provided our team with all of our machinery needs as well as guidance and support in […]

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Running Smooth with Castrol

One of Monash Motorsport’s longest standing gold sponsors, Castrol has been a crucial supporter of the team since early 2013. Castrol is the world’s premier supplier of engine and transmission oil, brake fluid, and coolants in both the private and motorsport sectors. Castrol enjoys great success with a number of Formula One teams as […]

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Aerodynamics Focus: The Undertray

While the majority of the team was away competing with M15-R in Europe over the last 3 months, a smaller crew, made up mostly of junior team members, back at the workshop have been busy starting manufacture for M16 before FSAE-A this December. In the aerodynamics section, we’ve been focusing on the preparation of […]

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