F-SAE Australasia 2016 Competition

After several busy weeks following the end of Semester Two and plenty of anticipation by veteran and junior Monash Motorsport team members alike, Formula SAE-A 2016 was finally upon us! To meet our rigorous testing schedule of 300km over two weeks, the team had been split into a daytime ‘testing’ crew, and an overnight […]

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A Visit from F1 Aerodynamicist: Willem Toet

Even during the hustle of the final stages of preparation for the 2016 Formula SAE Australasia competition, there was one event the members of Monash Motorsport could not miss. On the 5th of December, the legendary  Australian F1 Aerodynamicist Willem Toet gave a guest lecture at Monash University about his experiences in the motorsport […]

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Exploring the Unknown: Developing the Electric Drivetrain package

Throughout 2016, Monash Motorsport’s electric drivetrain team has been carefully choosing the perfect combination of powertrain components to maximise the potential of our very first electric car.

Finally, in the first week of October, we successfully spun our Emrax 228, permanent magnet motor for the very first time. This was welcome confirmation that our hard […]

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Engineering Leadership Dinner

A few members of the Monash Motorsport team were fortunate enough to be invited to attend Monash University Faculty of Engineering’s annual Engineering Leadership Program dinner last November, honouring the graduation of more than 40 students from the prestigious program.

The three-year program is open to all students enrolled in an engineering degree at Monash […]

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Annual Monash Motorsport Launch Night

It was a beautiful Spring afternoon, as all members of the Monash Motorsport team worked to prepare for the night ahead, our annual Launch Night. The team was bustling to put everything together, perfecting the last touches on M16 and making sure the much anticipated event was going to run smoothly. It came as […]

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PhoenxPLM: Meeting Our Software Needs

For the past year PhoenxPLM, our Platinum level CAD software sponsor, have lent their support and guidance in the design and development of not only M16, but also the future M17-C and M17-E. Every Monash Motorsport team member is well on their way to mastering CAD with PhoenxPLM’s numerous personalised training programs. We are […]

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Testing the Limits: Partnering with Bosch

Since 2011, Monash Motorsport has been fortunate to have Bosch Australia as a valued partner. Not only have they provided our team with essential electrical components and technical advice but also invaluable access to the AARC Proving Grounds in Anglesea. In the lead up to FSAE-A 2016, we were thrilled when Bosch arranged for […]

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MDK | Wirawaji: Machining Solutions

MDK Toolmakers, partnered with Wirawaji Pty. Ltd.,  are heavily involved in the development of several unmanned aerial vehicle applications and heavy-fuel combustion technologies, whilst also providing high quality CNC machining services.

With an emphasis on reliability going into 2016, both M15R and M16 featured brand new rear suspension outboard assemblies, including new uprights – made […]

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