Amaero Engineering are industry leaders in the additive manufacturing of metallic components. They offer a range of metallic printing options using materials such as high strength aluminium alloys, titanium and high temperature steels.

As the team explores the opportunities that are presented by the developing additive manufacturing industry we have partnered with Amaero to optimise the design and geometries of existing parts on the car. As well as this Amaero have a hot isostatic press (HIP) machine which can be used to remove the internal porosity of parts and hence improve the mechanical properties and fatigue life.

Amaero have been a major part of the 2015 titanium outboard where all four hubs have been HIP’d to improve their fatigue life. In addition to this the M15 headrest has been optimised and it’s weight halved by being 3D printed from aluminium alloy. We hope to explore further instances like this where complex geometries can result in large weight savings across the car. Amaero’s expertise is key to us being able to use these amazing new technological advances to their full potential.

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