Since 2011, Monash Motorsport has been fortunate to have Bosch Australia as a valued partner. Not only have they provided our team with essential electrical components and technical advice but also invaluable access to the AARC Proving Grounds in Anglesea. In the lead up to FSAE-A 2016, we were thrilled when Bosch arranged for us a Slip Angle Sensor. This state-of-the-art equipment in conjunction with access to the AARC Proving Grounds was central towards the tuning of M16’s Suspension setup.

Furthermore the data collected from these sessions enabled us to have a clearer understanding of our vehicle’s performance. 2015 Chief Engineer and senior driver, Cameron Warne was pleased that this also validated the dynamic simulator he was working on and will play a crucial role in the design of the 2017 combustion and electric vehicles.

Another unexpected highlight of our testing sessions in Anglesea was seeing first hand how Bosch’s Chassis Control team conducted field research and tested prototype technology. It was inspiring to actively watch Bosch  continually redefining the intelligent automotive industry within Australia.

As Silver Sponsors of the annual FSAE-A competition, they inspire not only our team but all young engineers to pursue and reinvent how we approach automotive engineering.

We here at Monash Motorsport, greatly appreciate the ongoing support Bosch has provided us and we look forward to another exciting year together in 2017.


– Dustin Bruch (Business)