One of Monash Motorsport’s longest standing gold sponsors, Castrol has been a crucial supporter of the team since early 2013. Castrol is the world’s premier supplier of engine and transmission oil, brake fluid, and coolants in both the private and motorsport sectors. Castrol enjoys great success with a number of Formula One teams as well as many successful teams in other motorsport disciplines. As a result, Monash Motorsport could not be happier to partner with such  a successful company that shares our vision.

M15 is put under a tremendous amount of stress during testing and competitions, and quality fluids are critical to ensure that our car keeps performing to the highest standards. Castrol’s products enjoy a strong reputation thanks to its demonstrated commitment to quality as well as its extensive involvement in motorsport. We are confident in choosing Castrol Edge Engine Oil, Castrol React SRF brake fluid as well as other Castrol products, that we are maximising the performance of our car.

Additionally, the technical advice that Castrol has provided the team in terms of which lubricants best suit our needs is second to none. Castrol undertakes extensive testing and constant development of all products just as Monash Motorsport does, to produce the best product available. The team is proud to be sponsored by Castrol and looks forward to reaching new levels of performance in the future.

– Will Udovenya (Business)