The Racer’s 6th Sense – Why We Test and How We Gather Data

When it comes to testing and tuning the vehicle dynamics of FSAE cars, teams can often be caught up in a guessing game. Variables like camber and toe all affect how much we grip we can get out of our tires and ultimately how much performance we can squeeze out of our cars.

Fortunately, due […]

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A Gripping Race: Just a Wishbone Away

Cornering grip, or lateral mu, is the most sensitive parameter of a race car. In fact, it is eight times more sensitive than the next most sensitive parameter. This is why our suspension engineers obsess over maximising it throughout the testing and tuning period of our race cars.

The hunt for grip starts at […]

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Design Period: Where it all starts

Throughout the university holiday period, Monash Motorsport has been hard at work with the design and timelining of two brand new car concepts for the 2017 Australasian competition this December. Having design period during the holiday months allows the team to focus purely on designing without the stresses of the university semester, while also […]

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MDK | Wirawaji: Machining Solutions

MDK Toolmakers, partnered with Wirawaji Pty. Ltd.,  are heavily involved in the development of several unmanned aerial vehicle applications and heavy-fuel combustion technologies, whilst also providing high quality CNC machining services.

With an emphasis on reliability going into 2016, both M15R and M16 featured brand new rear suspension outboard assemblies, including new uprights – made […]

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Hydraulic Mode Separated Suspension for FSAE

At Monash Motorsport, we strive to continue to push the limits of what we and the car are capable of, so that concepts and designs are constantly evolving and improving. One of the most recent manifestations of this has been the development of a hydraulically actuated mode separated suspension system, affectionately dubbed ‘Hydro’. This […]

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Modelling to Win with ChassisSim

Monash Motorsport’s recent collaboration with ChassisSim has been helping in the advancement of our vehicle simulations and modelling.

As a product ChassisSim is an advanced vehicle simulation package, which allows for the development of accurate dynamic models. The large range of toolboxes available for ChassisSim, in addition to the continuous product growth have led to the development of […]

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M15 First Drive and First Flight

With competition right around the corner, we’re pleased to announce that M15 celebrated its first drive in mid-August! The team spent many late nights and early mornings manufacturing the last of the parts required and assembling them on the car in preparation for the day. After a few last minute adjustments, the car went […]

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Designing to Win with ANSYS FEA and CFD

At the beginning of September, we presented in a series of webinars hosted by our partners LEAP Australia. These webinars introduced the ways Monash Motorsport use ANSYS Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to design the best possible parts and systems for our car each year.

Seven of our team members worked incredibly hard in […]

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M15 Manufacture

With exams completed, the team has entered one of the busiest times of the year, with most of the manufacturing for the M15 car to be completed by the end of the holidays. The first drive of the new car has been set for early August, with the flying date following shortly afterwards. This […]

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Carbon Shells a Wheel Weight Saver

This year we are changing from aluminium 3-piece wheel shells to 3-piece carbon fibre wheel shells. The 3-piece design is chosen due to the ease of manufacture and tyre change accessibility.  The manufacture process is made easier with the use of carbon wheel shells made with two separate moulds and one aluminium wheel centre. […]

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