Europe Summary 2018


Following a successful 2017 Formula Student Australasia competition, Monash Motorsport embarked on what has been our most ambitious Europe campaign to date. During our two month stay, we competed with both our combustion and first year electric car in the Formula Student UK, Austria and Germany competitions. We set out not only to improve […]

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The Drive for Improvement

Within the Formula Student competition, there are four dynamic events – acceleration, autocross, skidpad and endurance which are worth a massive 675 points in total. In the case of our team, competing with two cars means we have to train a total of 10 drivers.

While having a reliable and high performing car is […]

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Image Processing with the Jetson TX2s

While there are many factors which contribute to the success of an autonomous machine, they can be broadly separated into four areas: perception, mapping, path planning and actuation.

A key requirement for our driverless vehicle is a computer capable of providing sufficient processing power to achieve all these functions, whilst keeping energy consumption to a […]

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That’s A Wrap! Packing with Gibson Freight

This July, Monash Motorsport will be taking both of its most current combustion and electric cars to compete in the Formula Student UK, Austria and Germany competitions. The challenge of transporting two cars over 15,000km across the globe may seem steep, but after careful packing techniques and overcoming various challenges, the team is ready […]

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3D Systems – Going with the Flow

Despite a fantastic 2017 with one of the most complex aerodynamics packages to date, Monash Motorsport continues to innovate and improve the car in preparation for our European campaign in the middle of the year. As such, a select few parts were chosen to be redesigned in order for M17-C and M17-E to reach […]

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Wrike on Time

In 2017, Monash Motorsport had just 10 months to design, build and test two cars, each consisting of thousands of intricate parts. Due to the highly interrelated design and manufacturing processes, it was necessary to have multiple operations occurring simultaneously. To efficiently manage these operations, Monash Motorsport utilised Wrike. According to Connor Tilbrook, Monash Motorsport’s […]

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One Team. Three Cars.

Monash Motorsport are going Driverless!

The Formula Student Germany competition continues to challenge teams, and ran their first driverless competition class last year. Teams are required to design a vehicle capable of running without a driver in autonomous mode, as well as with a driver in manual mode. With the use of carefully selected sensors […]

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FSAE-Australasia 2017: One Team, Two Cars.

Preparation for the 2017 Formula Student Australasia competition was much more thorough and rigorous than previous years. With the goal of racing both the electric and combustion cars on track, we began testing much earlier and more frequently than we had in the past. After months of hard work put in by our day […]

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Ready, Set, Race! The Formula Student Competition

December is an exciting time for all: Summer has officially begun and Christmas and New Year are fast approaching. Over at Monash Motorsport, December is an especially exciting time of year. The team is in its final stages of rigorous testing and statics practice in preparation for this year’s FSAE Australasia Competition. On December […]

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Virtually Making Driver Training a Reality

Join us for a quick chat to Tom Behrendt about his work on the team as a Chassis engineer and how we use simulation software to assist the team in the leadup to competition.

What simulation software is used and how does it work?
A range of software is used for the entire process. Firstly, we […]

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