Monash Motorsport’s recent collaboration with ChassisSim has been helping in the advancement of our vehicle simulations and modelling.

As a product ChassisSim is an advanced vehicle simulation package, which allows for the development of accurate dynamic models. The large range of toolboxes available for ChassisSim, in addition to the continuous product growth have led to the development of an of a cutting edge tool for use in all racing competitions.

Our vehicle dynamics team have been using the software to model our endurance runs to determine how our efficiency levels change with differing powertrain packages. This allows us to strike the ideal balance between both endurance and efficiency performance.

ChassisSim has allowed us to validate our future vehicle designs, in conjunction with our past in-house tyre and vehicle modelling simulations. We are extremely grateful and excited to be involved in the partnership, which will allow us to develop upon our current designs, maximise vehicle performance, and hopefully translate to big things in the future!

– James McCutcheon, PR