Partnering up with Monash Motorsport in late 2015, Cigweld have quickly proven to be an incredibly valuable resource to the team. With roots stretching back all the way to the early 1920s, we couldn’t be happier to have Cigweld as a partner with such rich history and extensive experience.

After initially providing us with an entirely new welding set-up including welder, masks, gloves and consumables, Cigweld have continued to provide upon request, constantly advising us at any hour over the phone.

Throughout the team’s history, Monash Motorsport has built almost entirely steel, space frame chassis. It is therefore no surprise that in-house welding is an integral skill possessed by many students on the team. Using exclusively Cigweld products, Monash Motorsport manufactures many of the components on the car from several different types of steel and aluminium. This year, we have integrated a new kind of fuel wicking technology called a Hydramat into the fuel system. This has meant we’ve had to overhaul the entire design of the fuel tank to incorporate an access hole, capable of sealing during driving and allowing the fuel tank to be opened up in the workshop. This has required us to go through several iterations of our in-house manufactured aluminium fuel tank which requires a perfectly flat surface for the lid to seal on, free from any heat-induced warping. We couldn’t have done it without the outstanding products provided to us by Cigweld, and the invaluable support and guidance they have provided us.

We are so excited to be on board with Cigweld and are looking forward to where this partnership will take us moving forward!

– Will Jenkin, Powertrain