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Autonomous Systems: Actuation

Our Driverless Vehicle, M19-D, needs a way of reacting to the requests sent by the motion control algorithm. Without a driver in the car, we rely on an electric motor to control the steering system, as well as a pneumatically powered linear actuator for the brakes.

M19-D’s steering system is […]

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Autonomous Systems: Motion Control

Once we have decided on a path to follow, we need to determine how to control our car’s acceleration and steering to navigate the desired path. To do this, we use model predictive control (MPC).

MPC works by solving for a sequence of controls over a period of time into […]

  • Path Planning

Autonomous Systems: Path Planning

Our autonomous path planning subsystem determines how to navigate through a track. This can be broken down into two subproblems: how to navigate through an unknown track, and how to navigate a known track as fast as possible.

When navigating through an unknown track, we receive information about where cones […]