Davies, Craig Pty Ltd, a 45-year old Australian owned and operated company created the ground-breaking range of electric Thermatic® Fans for the automotive and air-conditioning industries.

In 1999 Davies Craig launched their first unique remote-mounted Electric Water Pump, the EWP®80. An innovative engine cooling product designed specifically to replace the mechanical belt-driven mechanical water pump on Australian-manufactured engines! The EWP®80 was followed by the release of the EWP®115 in 2008 and this year Davies Craig launched the alloy-bodied EWP®150 to suit supercharged, turbocharged and high performance engines. Furthermore, Davies Craig will release the all-new alloy EWP®130 shortly which will continue to set the benchmark in engine cooling efficiencies.

Davies, Craig is now a leading global supplier of innovative engine cooling equipment technologies, serving the automotive aftermarket worldwide with their comprehensive range of Thermatic Fans and unique remote-mounted compact, lightweight, range of Electric Water Pumps!

Davies, Craig is very conversant with Formula SAE/Student activities around the world. Davies Craig understands engine development and power output is very tight and competitive! Most entrants’ engines produce approx. the same horsepower, except when an Electric Water Pump is used! Davies Craig acknowledges the engines used are required to accelerate and respond very quickly. Furthermore the engines are required to perform at high RPMs during competition. The power a mechanical water pump may absorb can be 3 to 5kw. This power can be gained by disabling the mechanical water pump and engaging an Electric Water Pump.

Davies Craig EWP® products have contributed to our strong success at competitions, and we thank them for their immense support!


For further information please contact: Mr. John Benson, Sales & Marketing Manager

T: (03) 9369 1234, Ext. 204; F: (03) 9369 3456; M: 0418 130 600; E: johnb@daviescraig.com.au