The team had just finished up with exams, and were back into the workshop to hit manufacturing period. After all, we had two cars to build, with a driving date set for the end of the holidays it was all hands on deck.

On top of this, design launch night was also upon us. For the first time Monash Motorsport decided to showcase the designs, before they have even been realised in our workshop. All major sponsors were invited to get a taste of what was to come and to see how their contributions had assisted the team thus far.

The workshop was humming as team members bustled to get both chassis rolling. Posters had been made for the night, echoing those that might be seen at a Design event in competition. Speeches were practised and the venue was prepared to receive our guests.

The night itself ran smoothly, and it gave the team another chance to display its endeavours to date. Each section had a poster and was given the opportunity to demonstrate how their system operated with respect to and in conjunction with the other systems on the cars. This was prefaced with a quick word from the Team Leader and the Chief Engineers. Guests mingled with team members and began to trickle away as the night drew to a close.

In typical Launch Night fashion, the team packed down the venue and returned to the workshop. Manufacturing resumed, as it always does, and the workshop came back to life.

– Andrew Tran (Business)