On June 30, over fifty female Year 10 students from across Victoria attended ENGenuITy, an event held by Monash University that aims to increase female interest in the studies of engineering and IT. ENGenuITy offers insight into the diverse experiences and career paths available in these subjects through hands-on activities, seminars and networking sessions with female alumni, researchers and current students.

During the course-expo, Monash Motorsport represented the Mechanical Engineering department by displaying M10 and offering a fun and interactive pit-stop activity where the girls learnt how to remove a wheel, check the tyre pressure, pump up the tyre and then reattach the wheel to the car. Although most were hesitant at first, being new to the tools and process, they learnt quickly and enjoyed the hands-on nature of the activity. Afterwards, the girls had time to ask questions and learn a little more about the team and our studies from both the technical and business perspectives.

The girls were wonderfully inquisitive and many showed great enthusiasm and interest in engineering and the extra-curricular opportunities it provides. The afternoon was a huge success, as the aspiring students left with a Mechanical Engineering brochure in hand and a greater understanding of their possibilities as young, creative problem-solvers.

For more information see: http://www.eng.monash.edu.au/engenuity/