Form A Sign are a professional company specializing in distinctive design and manufacturing of signs, vinyl and print. They offer complete solution for signage services from photography and design to manufacture and installation.

This year, the Aerodynamics package of the car has faced many new challenges. The rules change required a complete overhaul of every part of the package to gain the competitive edge. This resulted in a much more complex package and as a result new manufacturing techniques were required to reach the level of complexity and precision required. After in-depth research we got our MDF moulds cut by our sponsors Form A Sign. Their 2D+ CNC router allowed extremely complex shapes to be routed out of large plates at great accuracies. This allowed us to rapidly develop our mould making process as we will have more moulds than ever before for this year’s car.

After slices of the mold were machined by Form A Sign, we assembled and glued them together to make each of the moulds. The machining process greatly reduced the amount of sanding and post processing required on the moulds, thus allowing them to be painted and ready for composite layups much earlier than in previous years.

Many of the Form A Sign employees are also avid and experienced race enthusiasts with many years of experienced. In the future, we will further look into some of the more advertisement based services that they provide, such as business cards and printed vinyl. But mostly, we are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with our friends at Form A Sign.

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