Monash Motorsport put in a fantastic effort over the weekend of the 13th of December to take out our sixth consecutive FSAE-Australasia title! This was the culmination of an entire year of hard work by over 70 students. While our car is normally track ready by mid-year, our Europe campaign forced the completion of the M14 to be delayed until the end of October, highlighting the mammoth effort that went into securing this result. This win marks Formula SAE history, being the first team since its inception in 1978 to take home six consecutive victories at a single competition.

This year proved to be the most challenging win for the team so far, with second and third place scoring a close 881 and 871 points respectively. Monash secured the overall win, scoring 915.5 out of the available 1000 points, placing first in five of the seven events with results as follows:

1st Engineering Design, 1st Endurance, 1st Autocross, 1st Skidpad, 1st Business Presentation, 3rd Cost Analysis, 9thAcceleration, and the Harry Watson “Efficient Performance Award”.

Congratulations to 2nd placed Edith Cowan University – a team who lays claim to the world’s lightest four cylinder car in this competition, as well as 3rd placed Auckland University – able to secure a second place in the Endurance and Efficiency event.

We would like to extend a huge thanks to the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and all of our sponsors for their support over the year.


Team Wrap-Up

The judges were impressed with the formatting and presentation of our Cost Report.
– Jenny Kwong, Cost Leader

The Monash Design team did a fantastic job of reacting to the queries relating not only to the technical aspects of the car, but also our design methodology and management process as a team.
– Andrew Trathen, Design Leader

From the judges’ feedback, I felt as though our presentation was professional and succinct – so much so there was a lack of questions proceeding it! I’m proud of the amazing amount of effort put in by the Presentation team, which stands us in good stead for 2015.
– Connor Tilbrook, Presentation

The powertrain section had been working hard with their launch control system to improve our times and also introduced an automatic clutch dump and automatic shifting to improve consistency. With these additions, both Andrew Salvo and I were able to do 4.34s for the standing 75m event, which put us as the 2nd quickest single cylinder power car and 9th overall.
– Ryan Ockerby, Acceleration Driver

This year the organisers of FSAE-A changed the rules so that the teams could have unlimited runs in the skidpad event. This allowed Monash to make setup changes to the car and adapt to the new track surface throughout Saturday morning and scrape together a win over ECU by 0.009s.
– Cameron Warne, Skidpad Driver

The car was immensely fast through the whole track but really showed its strengths through the high-speed transient sections. The team did a great job developing an Autocross setup that resulted in a car, which was not only fast but also very easy to drive.
– Andrew Trathen, Autocross Driver

We knew we had a car that was capable of performing well in Endurance, as it had shown its pace in the Autocross event.
– Andrew Trathen, Endurance Driver

I was impressed with Drew’s ability to adapt to deterioration in rear end grip despite him not knowing the cause of the problem, continuing to set an impressive pace. Knowing the areas of the track where the handling was severely compromised from Drew’s quick comments in driver change I was able to adapt to the car and focus on a consistent pace and not hitting any cones.
– Chris Heath, Endurance Driver


Competition Preparation

With teams from all over Australasia competing at the event, Monash had the pleasure of hosting New Zealand’s University of Auckland and University of Canterbury, as well as Western Australia’s Edith Cowan University in the lead up to the competition.

On Monday before the competition, a number of teams got together for a test day at the Oakleigh Go Kart track. This was a great opportunity for teams to get to know each other and keep in touch with their Formula SAE community.

Watch our video wrap up of the day here.


Formula SAE Community

The strength of the Formula SAE community is phenomenal. All teams want to see the others succeed and compete to the best of their potential. With teams travelling from interstate and overseas, Monash were able to offer our workshop over the course of the competition to a number of teams with cars requiring urgent repairs that could not be carried out on site. We are also very thankful to RMIT, who allowed us to use their workshop on the Saturday night of the competition to make some repairs after the Autocross event.



Endurance was live streamed on the last day of the competition. Watch it here.

Endurance 1 for Monash begins 1 hour 48 minutes in.

Endurance 2 begins 5 hours 21 minutes in.

Our video updates throughout competition are available on our Vimeo page.

A Facebook album from competition is available here.