While providing Australia with one of the most extensive ranges of workshop machinery and tool accessories, Hare & Forbes Machinery House has been a valuable supporter of Monash Motorsport for a number of years. Hare & Forbes has provided our team with all of our machinery needs as well as guidance and support in any machining endeavour.

Since receiving the first order from Hare & Forbes, machining operations within our workshop have been enabled and expanded. Through the yearly supply of consumable tooling accessories and equipment, the use of our mill, lathes and pedestal drill has been prolific. Previously, tooling and infrastructure was limited to the point of being nearly unusable. However since installing the items we received from Hare & Forbes, construction of the car’s components and the bulk manufacture of parts has been completed within our own facilities. This has expedited what is achievable for the team, with the extra manufacturing capacity allowing the development of the current car concept to its highest potential.

As engineering students and enthusiastic machinists, all members of the team recognise the huge productivity gained this year in the workshop. The quality and success of car components manufactured for M16, the car set to compete at FSAE-A in December, can be largely attributed to the high quality tooling we are provided from Hare & Forbes.

Monash Motorsport is extremely grateful for the partnership that has been formed with Hare & Forbes over the years. Without them, we would not be able to manufacture such high quality parts, at such fast rates and compete at an optimum level.

– Emma Downey (Business)