Monash Motorsport were recently invited to attend the 2015 Harrop Open House, held at the headquarters in Preston. Harrop have joined as new partners in 2015 and we were excited to be able to get involved in such a large industry event. The event showcased a variety of rare vehicles and historic motorsport pieces, as well as the precision engineering and manufacturing behind Harrop’s leading product development processes.

With M12 on display, the team was given the opportunity to display the hard work behind the FSAE-Australasia winning car, and to engage with the engineering community as well the general public attending the event. Alongside M12 were a diverse range of special vehicles, including the Sareni Camaro GT3 and the PGM 2.0L V8 motorcycle. We felt very privileged to be on show next to such great cars!

This was also a great opportunity for the general public to showcase some of their own special vehicles, with a Show & Shine event drawing cars across several disciplines. Harrop also provided tours of the factory within their headquarters location, exhibiting some of the CNC technology and state of the art facilities offered.

Harrop Open House 2015 was a fantastic day and we look forward to continuing to get involved in such events with Harrop in the future.