It was a beautiful Spring afternoon, as all members of the Monash Motorsport team worked to prepare for the night ahead, our annual Launch Night. The team was bustling to put everything together, perfecting the last touches on M16 and making sure the much anticipated event was going to run smoothly. It came as a welcome respite to our preparation for the 2016 Formula SAE-A competition and a great opportunity to reflect on 2016 as a team.

Each year Launch Night provides a chance for Monash Motorsport to present our hard work to the wider community. The team is able to showcase our talent and hard work to everyone who supports the team throughout the year, such as our network of sponsors, university staff and all of our friends and family.

The night began with a summary presentation of all the work that Monash Motorsport has completed over the course of the year, broadcast on our Facebook livestream. It culminated with the unveiling of our latest creation to be taken to the Australian competition in December, the M16. It was a wonderful way to give our audience a more in depth look at what we do and what the team works towards. This was followed by a raffle, with the prizes graciously donated by friends and family of team members as well as local companies supporting Australian education.

The evening ended with the team packing down and returning to the workshop, resuming preparation for FSAE-A 2016, only a few weeks away. Like all of the endeavours Monash Motorsport undertakes, Launch Night 2016 was a collective effort and served as a great reminder that we as a team are more than just a sum of our parts.

And for all who couldn’t attend this year, we hope to see you at Launch Night 2017.


– Andrew Tran (Business)