With competition right around the corner, we’re pleased to announce that M15 celebrated its first drive in mid-August! The team spent many late nights and early mornings manufacturing the last of the parts required and assembling them on the car in preparation for the day. After a few last minute adjustments, the car went out on track in the late afternoon and drove smoothly for the rest of the day. It was a great day for the team, who got to see a driving product after many busy months of designing and manufacturing.

A few weeks later, M15 celebrated its second milestone with its first flight. Our aerodynamics team have been putting in an incredible amount of work, exploring new and improved manufacturing techniques to create our most exciting and innovative aerodynamics package to date (read the full report here). First flight was a fantastic success, with our drivers commenting on the notable improvement in vehicle performance.

With our two main driving targets behind us, the team is now focusing on rigorously testing the car to validate M15’s new concepts and designs. This testing period is the most crucial part of the year, where the team is able to fine tune and optimise all of the parameters that contribute to the car’s overall performance and ultimate success. In addition to on-track testing, we have also completed wind-tunnel validation of our aerodynamics package, sweeping through a large range of different set-up combinations to¬†further develop and refine the concept to ensure maximum points at competition. We are excited to see how M15 is progressing with every passing day and look forward to seeing it in action at FSAE-A in December.

Simone Briggs, Suspension Manager