MDK Toolmakers, partnered with Wirawaji Pty. Ltd.,  are heavily involved in the development of several unmanned aerial vehicle applications and heavy-fuel combustion technologies, whilst also providing high quality CNC machining services.

With an emphasis on reliability going into 2016, both M15R and M16 featured brand new rear suspension outboard assemblies, including new uprights – made possible with the help of the machining capabilities of MDK | Wirawaji.

The upright design was primarily a project of integration with all surrounding components, while maintaining high stiffness targets to reduce camber and toe compliance. A new wheel speed sensor was also included to double data sample resolution, allowing for improved launch control and cleaner car velocity signals.

Starting from a single piece of aluminium 2024 billet, MDK | Wirawaji utilised multi-axis subtractive manufacturing processes to accurately bring our computer model to life. A video of the DMG DMU80T 5-axis CNC Machining Center in action, programmed with SolidCAM, can be found here.

The smooth post-machined surface finish resulted in reduced stress concentrations and improved fatigue life, extending the components’ reliability and lifespan, which includes all three European competitions and the recent Formula SAE Australasia competition in Melbourne.

With the 2017 push to design and manufacture two vehicles, M17-C and M17-E, complete with brand new components, the need for accurate, quality machined parts will be more important than ever. Monash Motorsport is grateful for all the support MDK | Wirawaji has provided us in 2016.


– Vincent Chu (Business)