Oakeigh Go Kart Racing Club (OGKRC), is a not for profit organisation that provides its track for practice to its members and hosts go karting competitions.  OGKRC is a long term sponsor of MMS providing us with a testing ground to develop our cars and drivers for competition.  Throughout the year’s we have found this to be an invaluable asset for our car and driver development.  The mixture of tight, twisty corners on the infield and fast sweeping corners and straights on the outfield make for perfect analogue of the FSAE competition.

OGKRC has fantastic facilities, including recently updated club house and resurfaced track.  They also pride themselves on having an inclusive and supportive community, spanning all age groups, classes and skill levels.  Their track is located only 25 km south east of the CBD, allowing for a convenient location for kids to learn and for seasoned karters to hone their skills.

Not only has OGKRC allowed us to develop our car for FSAE competitions, they also graciously hosted the annual FSAE driver swap day last year,  the event that is held after the competition in December where all team competing in FSAE-A are invited to come and let drivers from other teams experience their car and vice versa.  This event allows a large amount of knowledge sharing between teams, learning from the enormous diversity of FSAE cars.

For more information visit http://www.ogkrc.com.au