Monash Motorsport is proud to announce our new partnership with Powerplus Racing Fuels, a division of the Australian owned and operated ACB Group who specialise in the manufacture and supply to the chemical industry. Furthermore, they operate one of the largest research laboratories in Victoria, 580M2, where the regular research of race fuels and automotive additives takes place. This facility is one of the reasons why Powerplus Racing Fuels is able to consistently meet the highest quality standards. Their VX V8 Supercar allowed them to further refine fuel manufacturing technology and thus increased their versatility when catering to the needs of different race classes.

We initiated a partnership with Powerplus Racing Fuels as we needed E85 to allow us to safely turbocharge our high compression motorcycle engine by lowering the risk of knock. Through the use of E85 we have been able to net gains in both power and efficiency when compared to 98 RON petrol.

Powerplus Racing Fuels however, exceeded our expectations by not only providing us with high quality E85 fuel but with automotive additives such as gunwash, prepwash, wax and grease cleaner, kerosene, GP thinners and some fantastic apparel. We are extremely grateful for the support from Powerplus Racing Fuels which ultimately enables our team to perform at an optimum level.

 – Radhika Sud, Business Leader