Exhibiting an extensive product range coupled with an uncompromising approach to providing ideal solutions to all our workshop needs, we are proud to announce Monash Motorsport’s new and valuable partnership with Prime Pak Supplies in 2016.

Prime Pak Supplies have been generous in providing Monash Motorsport with various technical essentials which are used regularly in the team workshop, as well as through recent competitions across Europe. In preparation for shipping materials to Germany, Monash Motorsport benefitted greatly from materials needed in mass quantities such as pallet wrap and masking tape. These items, amongst many more, provided protection for all car components  and ensured a safe transit and arrival. Further items included race tape, electrical tape, ear protection and safety glasses which were used everyday by the team through our competition ventures through Europe.

Prime Pak Supplies have also provided Monash Motorsport with numerous tools such as aluminium tape, velcro tape, teflon tape and double sided tape which have proved essential in the workshop. These materials are valued highly across all sections. Chassis have used the aluminium tape provided by Prime Pak Supplies to prevent heat shielding of firewalls, and Powertrain have used it for heat shield retention, coating of firewalls and seats, as well as to seal firewalls at our last competition.

Monash Motorsport extend our sincere gratitude towards Prime Pak Supplies for their continued technical support of the team, which enables the team to perform at our optimum level.

– Praba Sekhar (Business)