The vision, values and behaviours of a team are what binds a group of individuals together into a cohesive group. They provide motivation, direction and stability to a team to encourage sustained performance.

Richard Day has provided an invaluable service to Monash Motorsport, offering his experience to guide the development of the team’s vision and values through multiple generations of students. Richard is a professional speaker and corporate facilitator who has over 25 years experience working with elite level sporting teams and corporations to encourage performance at their highest level.

In our most recent session in September, Richard led us through his developed concepts of leadership, team structures and professional communication, challenging each team member individually. This has enabled MMS to review its vision and values as a team, identify areas for improvement and introduce new methods for clear communication. The team left the session with a clearer set of objectives and re-established vision to be the most respected FSAE team in the world.

We would like to thank Richard again for his contribution.


For further details of the services Richard Day can offer please see his website: