Australia and New Zealand’s SMC Corporation subsidiaries are providers of pneumatic, automation and sheet metal solutions. Through best practice, technical expertise, ethical values and customised applications, they have been able to expand their operations to provide services across all markets, namely; industrial manufacturing, process plant, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, mining, transport and utilities.

SMC’s product range exceeds more than 610,000 standard component variations with over a million different configurations. This allows for the provision of complex integrated automated systems with a specialty in providing customised solutions for each customer. SMC has a proven record of local technical expertise and has become renowned for its service in product, systems, delivery and customer support.

Our own personal experience with SMC has been nothing but a testament to their wealth of knowledge, product diversity and professionalism. SMC has been a long-standing Silver tier sponsor of Monash Motorsport and continue to support our pneumatic shifting and drag-reduction systems. This year they have provided us with invaluable advice and specialized actuators and valves, which we are using in our clutch and shifting system. We are aiming to implement pulse width modulation of SMC actuators in order to modulate the clutch replicating a mechanical linkage. We are highly grateful for their continued sponsorship and support, and hold in high regard the professional manner with which they approach the partnership. This not only benefits us as a team, but allows the students the opportunity to establish and develop practical skills for the future.