Monash Motorsport's M12 car was a refinement of the M11 concept. The team focused on reducing the weight of the overall package, by redesigning each part. The result was a much lighter car which was still just as reliable as its previous iterations.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions Front Rear
Overall Length, Width, Height 3085mm long, 1300mm wide, 1470mm high
Weight with 68kg driver seated 130.5 kg 130.5 kg
Suspension Parameters Front Rear
Suspension Type Double unequal length A-Arm.  Pull rod actuated spring / damper. Roll bar. Double unequal length A-Arm.  Push rod actuated spring / damper. Adj. Roll bar.
Tire Size and Compound Type 20x7-13 D2704 Goodyear 20x7-13 D2704 Goodyear
Wheels (width, construction) 3 pc Al Rim 3 pc Al Rim
Center of Gravity Design Height 280 mm above ground (without wings), 295mm (with wings)
Brake System / Hub & Axle Front Rear
Upright Assembly Fabricated 4130 sheet, 1030 mild steel bearing NC machined 7050 Al, bolt on 4130 steel fabricated clevis
Seat (materials, padding) Fibreglass moulded with carbon fibre outer layer
Shift Actuator (type, location) Manually actuated sequential lever/linkage, in front of steering wheel, on left hand side
Clutch Actuator (type, location) Mechanical lingage of gear lever actuates hydraulic clutch cylinder, on shifter lever
Instrumentation Dash mounted ADL for testing, 7 LED tach/shift light with warning light for competition
Frame Construction Steel tube spacefram with bonded composite panels, aluminium rear bulkhead
Material 1020 mild steel, 4130 chrome moly (roll hoops), carbon fibre and nomex honeycomb core panels
Manufacture / Model 2011 KTM 450SXF
Bore / Stroke / Cylinders / Displacement 97mm bore /  60.8mm stroke  /   1 cylinder  / 449.3 cc
Induction (natural or forced,  intercooled) Naturally aspirated
Fuel Type 98 Octane Unleaded Fuel
Other significant engine modifications External belt-driven Nippondenso alternator
Differential Type Drexler clutch pack limited slip, 25Nm preload, 30deg ramp andle on power side
Final Drive Ratio 3.385
Type / Configuration Front-Triple element, Rear- Triple Element, Undertray
Total Downforce and Drag ( scale using incl. note ) Downforce =3460 N,  Drag =1475 N @115kph
Noteable Features (unsprung mounted, active, etc) Unsprung Front/Rear Wings