On April 22, Monash Motorsport had the privilege of attending a private tour of one of the showrooms owned by the Turner Foundation. The Turner Foundation is an organisation that was established to preserve some of the earliest advancements of mechanical engineering focusing on vintage, veteran and historic motor vehicles. Whilst the foundation withholds a selection of restored and maintained classics, they also seek to educate on the importance of preserving this work as it equips some of the fundamental engineering principles that are still used today.  

On the occasion of the visit, a number of team members were guided through the showroom that exhibited an impressive collection of vintage Rolls Royce vehicles. Our team was given the opportunity to scrutinize the vehicles on display and engage with one of the founders of the organisation, George Forbes who offered the team an incredible insight into these masterpieces. Throughout the tour the team was given an invaluable understanding into the design and construction of the vehicles, as well as an appreciation of the enduring design and aesthetic qualities of the cars and how they influence auto design in the present day. Moreover, this was also a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the designs used for our own cars and how the engineering and manufacturing of vehicles has evolved through time.

Monash Motorsport had a fantastic time during the event and would like to thank the Turner Foundation for providing us with the opportunity to view their remarkable collection.

– Kristina Markovic (Business)