Melbourne’s Waterjet Solutions provides premier profile cutting services that surpass the capabilities of many traditional cutting methods. Using technology that is efficient, accurate, and environmentally friendly, Waterjet Solutions are able to service a diverse range of customer needs to standards that more often than not exceed expectations. The company’s knowledge and expertise enables them to manufacture profiles from a comprehensive and unique diversity of materials, ranging from foam and rubber to difficult materials such as hardened alloys, and titanium.

Waterjet solutions can be considered to be an integral part to Monash Motorsport’s success for the past two years and we are grateful for Gary and the team’s ongoing support. One of the many benefits stemming from using the company’s services is such that they offer high-value profile cutting without heat-affected zones. Such a feature is essential for a variety of our most critical vehicle components that are sensitive to thermal distortion. This includes our carbon fibre shock plates and alloy brake rotors, which Waterjet solutions have been happy to produce for the team this year.

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