In 2017, Monash Motorsport had just 10 months to design, build and test two cars, each consisting of thousands of intricate parts. Due to the highly interrelated design and manufacturing processes, it was necessary to have multiple operations occurring simultaneously. To efficiently manage these operations, Monash Motorsport utilised Wrike. According to Connor Tilbrook, Monash Motorsport’s former team leader, “Wrike was fundamental to the project management, planning, and eventual success of 2017”.

Wrike’s easy-to-use interface lets team members view their personal tasks and timelines, as well as the timelines of other sections and the team as a whole. This allows them to visualise how their timelines are interconnected with the rest of the team’s tasks. As a result, Wrike streamlined the task of effectively managing people, resources and time, allowing Monash Motorsport to deliver not one, but two cars at the earliest drive date in the team’s history.  

In 2018, Monash Motorsport is preparing for a European campaign, where they will compete in the Formula Student competitions in the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria. To prepare the cars, the team works under an accelerated timeline, where design modifications are implemented in under 2 months. In addition to the design and manufacturing processes, this campaign also poses many logistical challenges. For a successful campaign, the cars must be modified, tested, packed and shipped in a timely and efficient manner.

While approximately half of the team’s members participate in Europe, a group of members stay behind to conduct further research and development for the cars. As a result, it becomes necessary to manage a multitude of operations occurring simultaneously and across the world. For this purpose, Wrike becomes invaluable. The team is able to plan out a whole year’s worth of operations, including shipping and personnel transport to ensure everything runs smoothly. “You can’t really overestimate how powerful it is to be able to physically represent an entire project such as Monash Motorsport on a Gantt chart”, said Tilbrook.

Wrike is the ultimate tool for planning and managing, allowing organisations, small or large, to achieve their potential.  Monash Motorsport has been working with Wrike for over 4 years, and looks forward to a future of success.